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In the northeast Aegean sea and specifically at St. Kirikos of Ikaria is located the seat of the family beekeeping unit ``Amalia``. Responsible for the care of the beekeeping unit and the products produced is Manolis Christodoulou, who began his work with beekeeping since 1982 (by choice professionally in 1987) having also the help of his wife Amalia. Since 2004 at the beekeeping unit participates intensively and their son Vangelis who was awarded his degree as an agronomist specializing in organic farming with honors and several awards (scholarships, prizes). He was experimentally occupied with the ``Comparison of royal jelly production methods`` where this issue became also his graduation thesis. So, he introduced new methods and practices for increasing production and improving the quality of products produced by the beekeeping unit ``Amalia``.

Participation in seminars and conferences

Continuous and on annual basis participation in seminars and conferences of beekeeping enables us to monitor closely developments in the area and apply the latest and best practices prevailing and to highlight and disseminate Ikarian beekeeping throughout the Greek, not only, beekeeping. To take advantage of the rich diversity of native plants (thyme, heather-anama, pine, spring wildflowers, etc.) that the Ikarian land has, we transfer out beehives 4-5 times a year in different regions of the island. So, we collect different varieties of honey, with authentic flavors, a variety of aromas, rich ingredients, excellent quality and biological value because of the absence of cultivated land.

Excellent quality and variety

The excellent quality and variety of products that we produce is our primary objective and due to our long-term experience in the field of beekeeping, the aspirations we have and with respect to the biological values. We always follow the good beekeeping practices that are friendly to humans and the environment and we believe that the preservation of the local breed bees - queens is the best solution for the practice of beekeeping and helps maintain the natural balance. Our values are: QUALITY, RESPECT TOWARDS THE ENVIRONMENT, TRADITION, HONESTY, RESPONSIBILITY, INNOVATIONS and SPEED IN SERVING.

Our contemporary and licensed workshop

In our ,contemporary and licensed workshop - packaging we apply the basic principles of HACCP hygiene throughout the production process no. 84 SM 10 With our new car refrigerator, our products reach you even faster and more safely, complying with the best preservation standards for our beekeeping products.